How to Play Italian Blackjack and Where to Find It
October 26, 2022

Many of us have preconceived notions about how the game of blackjack ought to be played. Even though variations often make a few modest tweaks, they almost never make significant alterations. In the game known as Italian Blackjack or Sette e Mezzo, this is not the case. The gameplay of this blackjack variant is extremely similar to that of the classic card game, but the whole experience is very different.

Various Decks & Cards

A single deck of forty cards is used for playing Italian blackjack, which is played with just one deck. Because the eights, nines, and tens were eliminated from the deck, we are now only dealing with four suites of ten-card combinations. Even the suits worn in Sette e Mezzo are distinct from one another. We use coins, cups, clubs, and swords as our playing pieces as opposed to spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds. The Ace, the number cards from two to seven, and the king, cavalier, and jack are the components that make up each suit.

One point is awarded for having the Ace. All of the cards from two to seven will always be worth the value that is printed on them. This indicates that a three will be worth three points when the values of your hand are combined together to get its total value. The King, the Cavalier, and the Jack each contribute one-half point to the total score. This may appear to be a drawback, but in reality, it is a very significant advantage!

How the Pieces Fall

It is immediately evident, upon taking even a cursory glance at Italian Blackjack, that our standard blackjack technique will not be applicable here. The dealer will then take two cards once all bets have been put. Two copies: one for the player, and one for the person playing. You are required to continue drawing cards as long as your hand is inferior to the card held by the dealer. This process will continue until the value of your hand is greater than that of the dealer.

At this stage in the game, you have the option of either drawing further cards or standing pat. After that, the dealer takes over the turn. They are also required to draw more cards if the worth of their hand is lower than five. When the count reaches five, the dealer will not draw any more cards.

The Italian phrase “sette e mezzo” literally translates to “seven and a half.” This is the perfect value for your hand! If either team goes above that mystical number, it is game over for them and they lose the round immediately.

Coinmaster Supreme

The idea of a wild card is one that can only be found in Italian Blackjack. That is the most valuable coin in the world! In the event that the player draws it as their first card, they will then draw a second card soon afterward. When playing the King of Coins slot machine, if you acquire an exact seven and a half value, you will receive an additional payment in comparison to a conventional win.

On the other hand, the King of Coins can be exploited to the player’s disadvantage as well. In the event when the dealer pulls this card, the unfortunate player must continue drawing cards until they reach the total of seven. There is a good probability that this will not work out as planned.

Side Bets

Playtech is the only company that now provides an Italian Blackjack game. As a consequence of this, you are going to want to choose an online casino that provides Playtech’s live casino releases. Players have the opportunity to participate in two side bets while playing it.

The initial side bet, known as Partita Perfetta, is one that pays out if both the player’s and the dealer’s first cards create a pair. The rewards are scaled according to the degree of similarity between the cards, with a maximum of 55:1 being awarded for a pair of sevens.

The objective of the game Mano Di Poker is to create a winning three-card poker hand using the player’s first two cards, the dealer’s first card, and the dealer’s second card. The reward is scaled according to the quality of the hand, with a maximum of 150:1 available for a royal flush.