Blackjack Rules, House Edge, and Basic Strategy Guide
January 18, 2022

We have not one, not two, but three pleasant disclosures that will make you happy the next time you visit the casino since everyone likes good news.

Playing Blackjack is Simple

It features one of the casino’s smallest house edges.
A fundamental blackjack technique will help you increase your advantage even more.
You may now see why blackjack is one of the most played games in live casinos and online gaming sites like TwinSpires Casino. If you continue reading, you will have all the information you need to make your blackjack sessions as successful as possible.

Blackjack Fundamentals

Let’s quickly review the fundamental blackjack rules before moving on since being familiar with the game will help you grasp our blackjack basic strategy guide.

You take a seat at the table and are dealt two face-up cards. Two cards are dealt to the dealer as well, but one is face down. Your goal is to either beat the dealer’s total without going over (busting), acquire a total that is closer to 21 than theirs, or hold your total in the hopes that the dealer busts or gets a lower total than you. Jacks, queens, and kings are similarly valued 10, whereas aces are worth either 1 or 11.

It sounds simple, right? It truly is, though. When it is your turn to speak, you can decide whether to stand or take another card, followed by another. You lose and lose your stake if you bust on your turn. However, if you choose to stand, the dealer will then reveal their second card and continue playing their hand. If you succeed, you will receive a 1:1 payoff on your wager.

When betting, some differences to take into account are:
Instead of accepting a third card for free, you can double down and then obtain the following card.
If your two cards match, you can divide them, place another bet, and then get another card for each to play as two different hands.

What Is the House Edge in Blackjack Basic Strategy?

The house advantage for a novice player is estimated to be 2% or so. This indicates that you should anticipate to lose $2 for every $100 you wager. Even while it seems like a lot, in the larger scheme of things, it’s not that awful. In contrast, the house advantage in American Roulette is 5.25%.

However, by using some fundamental blackjack technique, you may reduce the house edge from 2% to a negligible 0.5%, greatly increasing your chances of making money during any given session.

Chart for Basic Blackjack Strategy

It doesn’t happen frequently that you can use a freely accessible chart to determine the optimal course of action for every single casino hand you are dealt. But with blackjack, you can achieve that. To use as a reference while playing, copy one from an online picture search. Whatever your two cards are in regard to the dealer’s up card, you will be able to discern what the best course of action is.

The chart’s primary concept is based on the fundamentals of probability. Considering that every 52-card deck has 16 cards (all 10s, Js, Qs, and Ks) with a value of ten, you should always expect that the upcoming card will be a 10.

To play your hand, you must first examine the dealer’s upcard and then presume that their downcard is a 10. Now that you have a reliable estimation of their total, you may adjust how you play your hand. The two possibilities are as follows:

Dealer is Capable

Assume they have a total of 20, 19, or 18 if their upcard is 10, 9, or 8. In order to move your total in the direction of a higher score, you must be bold and take another card more frequently. Tears will likely be shed when standing on 16 or 17, but don’t worry—you won’t actually weep.

Weak Dealer

You can presume that someone’s total is a risky 13, 14, 15, or 16 if their upcard is weak, such as a 3, 4, 5, or 6. Why dangerous? Because they will have to draw another card, which very certainly will be a 10 or another high-value card, making them burst. In light of this, you may stand on two cards for any total more than 11. If you expect the dealer to bust you, why take the chance?

Other Blackjack Winning Techniques

The key to lowering the house edge and raising your chances of winning is to heed the advise of a blackjack basic strategy chart. However, there are various other strategies to use:

When the Dealer is Weak, Double Down

Recall how we stated you could double down and perhaps win twice as much as usual (or maybe lose twice as much)? You can double down on a larger range of hands, such as totals of 9 and 10, if the dealer appears to be weak. Since it’s likely that the next card would be a 10, you would typically always double down on 11, giving you 21.

Avoid Placing Side Bets

While side bets on casino table games are usually entertaining diversions, they do not guarantee success. Any fundamental blackjack strategy will advise against putting side bets on boxes like Perfect Pairs or 21+3 since this is unquestionably the case in blackjack.

Never Divide Tens

Splitting could appear alluring, but you should only use it when your blackjack basic strategy chart advises it. In other words, if the dealer is weak and you want to put more money on the table, you can split more frequently. Never split a pair of tens, though, as you almost certainly already have the winning hand.

Refuse to Take Insurance

You will be given the option of taking blackjack insurance if the dealer’s up card is an ace. Take it, and even if they have a blackjack, you won’t lose your bet (when they get 21 with two cards). Insuring your car, health, or house may be a smart move, but playing blackjack is not one of them. Accepting this offer and the associated insurance costs is a losing endeavor.

Blackjack Basic Strategy is available at TwinSpires Casino

This manual provided a brief overview of the fundamental principles and strategies for playing blackjack. Playing blackjack at TwinSpires Casino is the greatest method to put them into practice and see if you can raise your chances of winning.

If you haven’t already, register for your account to receive a sizable welcome bonus. Then, add money to your account and look around the casino website. There are several other blackjack game options available, including live dealer blackjack, which is the closest thing you can get to playing in a real casino without leaving your house. Good fortune!