Here are Five Totally Bizarre Strategies for Playing the Casino
September 30, 2022

All casino games are dependent on chance at random. Even the participants at a poker table don’t know which cards will be dealt next, therefore many poker strategies call for folding if you have a poor hand before placing a lot of bets. That’s an excellent lesson to remember when considering any kind of gambling strategy since the element of the unknown eventually makes all methods irrelevant.

However, the majority of seasoned players tend to settle into comfort zones where they believe they have some influence over the results of their games of chance. This propensity to place trust in the zone is nothing more than a variation of the gambler’s fallacy. Why not test out a few unconventional betting tactics if you truly want to gamble? Without compromising the statistical position you want to retain in battling the house edge, there are some very fascinating things you may do.

There are even officially recognized methods of lowering the house advantage, but they are uncommon. If everyone played the same games in the same manner, gambling would be terribly tedious and dull. Accordingly, in the spirit of “no risk, no return,” here are a few tactics that will have the players perplexed and the analysts debating for weeks about what you are doing. Other than your usual playing style, nothing else needs to be given up.

You’ll discover you can switch things up when other players get stuck in a rut if you appreciate these methods enough to include them into your comfort zone. You won’t be as prone to become bored even if that doesn’t provide you an advantage over the house.

1. Never Again Play Blackjack

Blackjack is well regarded among gamblers because, in contrast to the majority of other casino games, you may employ some expertise. The house edge in blackjack is also rather favorable, according to the commentators. Standard blackjack has one drawback, though: it’s not the most forgiving kind of game you can play.

The majority of players prefer playing normal blackjack with 6 to 8 decks in the shoe because they appreciate the 3:2 odds, even if most have learnt to stay away from single-deck blackjack games that offer just 6:5 odds. However, there is another way to take pleasure from this game and get a tiny edge over the standard blackjack player.

You should give Spanish 21 a try if your casino provides it. Although there are a few rule variations between Spanish 21 and standard blackjack, the lack of 10 point cards makes this variation stand out the most. In other terms, a Spanish 21 deck contains 48 cards instead of 52 (all the face cards are kept). The likelihood of either the player or the dealer getting a natural 21 is decreased by the removal of those 10 point cards from the deck.

The disadvantage of playing Spanish 21 is that it has a theoretically higher house edge than normal blackjack, which is 1%. But be upbeat! In Spanish 21, there are a few odd awards. The fact that players consistently prevail 21 to 21 is the foremost of these player advantages. If you also hold a blackjack, you win even if the dealer does. The house pays 3:2 on player blackjack as opposed to a push, which is much better.

In Spanish 21, you can also split Aces a second time. Okay, so it’s not very probable that you’ll get dealt three or four Aces, but if it does, you can split once more.

If Spanish 21 has a worse house edge than regular blackjack, why play it? In fact, gambling experts talk about “the house edge” far too much. Technically, the edge is only realized over a large number of wagers, so the house occasionally performs better than you anticipate and occasionally worse. This volatility is advantageous since it implies that players may occasionally win huge sums of money.

Look at the flexibility and bigger payouts you gain while playing Spanish 21 rather of comparing house advantage data. You’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone, but you’ll be pleasantly pleased when you find that certain combinations that don’t pay well in standard blackjack provide greater chances.

2. Engage in just competitions

This tactic is not exactly obscure. Almost any fundamental strategy expert will advise you to occasionally limit your play to tournaments. This is due to the possibility that your reward might be worth far more than your buy-in cost if you only pay a one-time flat charge and win the tournament. Even slot machine tournaments can offer prizes to the winners, runners-up, and third-place finishers.

The ability to prepare ahead of time for the buy in is what makes tournament play so fascinating. Your betting virtually becomes a predictable bet as a result. Limiting yourself to solely playing tournaments may not be practical since you may want to wager more than the tournaments permit.

You may wager twice when you participate in tournaments, and the extra risk may enhance your enjoyment of the activity.

3. Compete against the dealer one-on-one.

When It’s Possible Casinos dislike it when there’s just one person playing blackjack. The fact that the dealer is competing against numerous clients at once contributes to the casino’s advantage. If you are the sole player facing the dealer, whether you count cards or not, you will observe less volatility in the distribution of the cards.

If you get lucky and can play the dealer by yourself, the pit manager could close other tables or send over some house players to load up your table. Keep your cool if this occurs.

What significance does the number of players at the table have? Because as more individuals pull from the shoe, the odds of acquiring those high value cards decrease. You have an equal probability of drawing the necessary cards when there is just the two of you and the dealer. As more guests arrive, your odds drastically decrease.

Unlike the individual players, the dealer doesn’t need to pull high-value cards as frequently. This is such that each time a player busts, the dealer wins. Therefore, you have a favorable setup if you play a conservative game when playing against a dealer alone. But the house advantage won’t ever completely disappear. There are occasions when all you will receive for a third card is a bust card, and you have no control over it.

4. In Roulette, Place Two of the Three Outside Bets at Once

Gaming experts frequently criticize roulette, and there are undoubtedly many valid arguments against engaging in a game that is purposefully meant to favor high-risk wagers. When playing the inside, players sometimes limit their betting to single numbers since there are so few other alternatives on the table.

Even if you bet on six numbers, the house still has a large edge over you and the odds are horrible. Shrewd gamers may play the lines in roulette.

Playing the “safe” outer bets—black or red, odd or even—is the traditional roulette strategy guide’s best option for a winning outcome. The pundits reluctantly concede that you can also gamble on the first twelve, second twelve, and third twelve numbers. Each of these 1/3 groupings has chances of 2 to 1.

Playing in two groups might increase your chances of winning. By doing this, you lower the chances to even payout, but you also obtain a greater coverage than with the traditional safe bets (18 numbers), which also pay even money.

Which option do you choose for your wager: to win even money for choosing 18 numbers or to win even money for choosing 24 numbers? Run the numbers. You may never again place a black or even bet.

5. Only use the maximum number of lines in slot games.

Since their debut, the so-called “penny” slot machines have undergone changes. These games’ developers keep adding more pay lines, and now they’re even adding additional screens to accommodate more pay lines. You could choose the number of pay lines that are active during spins in earlier iterations of these games. The theoretical return to player was cruelly cut to extremely low levels, despite the fact that this may have sounded like a kind gesture to players who felt uneasy putting bets on 15, 20, or 25 pay lines.

You will nearly never win if you just use 1 of the 25 paylines that are now active. It’s not the same as playing a slot machine with a single pay line. By playing fewer pay lines, players attempt to save money, yet they are actually wasting it. This is so that the games will always pay out the highest percentage when all of the pay lines are in play.

Theoretically, multi-pay line games frequently provide higher player return rates than the more traditional single-pay line games. If the pay table indicates an RTP of more than 96%, your game is getting close to that of roulette, blackjack, and Spanish 21.

Although they might not be your preferred form of gaming, most individuals eventually try slots. By selecting more contemporary slot machines with fixed pay lines (you cannot disable them), you may spend some peaceful time spinning the reels without running into much more danger than if you were playing cards.